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SUNSHINE OFFICE - dr. ingrid b. riedel, md  - Zurich

SUNSHINE OFFICE - dr. ingrid b. riedel, md - Zurich

Your reliable partner for holistic and naturopathic medicine in Zurich.

WELL-BEING included

WELL-BEING included

Feel comfortably relaxed. Energetic healing restores your inner balance.

NATUROPATHY internalized

NATUROPATHY internalized

In harmony with nature - natural treatment methods gentle to your body.

FIRST-AID in Emergencies

FIRST-AID in Emergencies

Daily, we have free time reserved for emergencies and patients under acute pain.



A wide range of holistic therapies and modes of treatment are awaiting you.



Anti-Aging for Him and Her - Live longer - Age later

PAIN MANAGEMENT  - Acute and Chronic

PAIN MANAGEMENT - Acute and Chronic

Mitosan and Acupuncture - effective and gentle therapeutic methods against pain.

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"Burnout Syndrome"

We support you with our proven holistic therapies

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"Orthomolecular Medicine"

Supply your body with essential nutrients in sufficient quantity.

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Aging is delayed by our concept of anti-aging.

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from A to C acupuncture

Prevention and Keeping Well and Fit through Acupuncture

Small Needles with Great Effect

Among the alternative healing methods acupuncture is, without doubt, the best known. It has been widely spread in the last 20 years, and is meanwhile scientifically approved. It is, however, the method with the oldest tradition. Already as long ago as 4000 to 5000 years, needles made from stone and bones were utilized, what was proved by archeological excavations in China.
The finds in China suggest a broad range of practiced applications: mind-body healing systems imprinted by Shamans, Taoists, Confucians and Buddhists, which were either developed in China or adopted from other countries.
Whoever speaks about "Chinese medicine", seldom refers to this concoction of healing systems, but rather to that orientation made known by the acronym of "TCM", in fact about acupuncture, Auriculotherapy (ear acupuncture), Moxibustion and similar methods.
In the core of those modalities is the Chinese doctrine about "Qi", the flow of life energy that alone is responsible for the healing processes in the body.

Energy in the Human System

The existence of such an energy in the human system has been contested by Western medicine for a long time. Following the international acknowledgement of Far Eastern healing modalities in the seventies, the needle acupuncture based on the concept of the meridian theory, has become established also in the industrialized countries of the West.
Soon the enormous progress in the field of electronics made it feasible to measure precisely the subtle flux at the meridians.

Energetic Congestion versus Energetic Flux

There is a network of up to 100 energetic points situated on energetic channels, the meridians. Meridians suffuse the surface of the human body. If energy flows evenly all over the body, then the person is sound and healthy. If the energetic flux is disturbed by wounds, bad habits or other factors, "chaos in the energy system" develops. The energetic balance has collapsed partly or completely. The person falls ill.

Like most of the holistic medical concepts, acupuncture and related methods are so-called regulatory therapies. The doctor, when practicing acupuncture, does not treat the disease itself, but is out to undo the disturbance in the energetic flux. When the energy flow is restored, the self-healing forces of the body are activated.

Healing gets triggered without any medication!

Variations in Acupuncture

Whenever methods of the traditional Western medicine fail or have caused serious side effects, acupuncture can be applied. Whether done with needles, laser or massage: the medical intervention always employs the meridian system. For applying acupuncture nowadays steel needles - in former times often gold or silver needles - are inserted. They are pierced into "acupuncture points" of the skin.  When an acupuncture massage is performed, the acupuncture points or meridians are massaged. The acupressure is related to a massage treatment, as in acupressure, too, certain points are massaged to relief pain. Some doctors perform Moxibustion, in which mugwort is burnt at the acupuncture points. In the case of the electric stimulation therapy, the needles inserted at the acupuncture points are stimulated additionally. This method is mainly applied when paralysis and heavy pain conditions are given. For the Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation (TENS) small metal plates are stuck on to the acupuncture points and connected with the electric stimulation device, which releases slight current pulses. This method can be quite helpful especially in cases of very strong pain.
The latest variation is the laser acupuncture. It is applied mainly with patients, who are sensitive to needles, and with small children.

Successful treatments

Independent of the method chosen, the energetic flux in the meridians is stimulated or diminished. On principle any reversible functional diseases may be treated, with the exception of Polyarthritis. This disease is an absolute contraindication for acupuncture.
Acupuncture is most successful with migraine, PMS (period pain), diseases of the joints or the skin, allergies and chronic disorders, especially those of the gastrointestinal kind.
The goal of an acupuncture treatment is very clear and is always focused on the regulation and harmonization of the energetic condition of the patient. The intention of acupuncture is to return to the body the capability of self-regulation.

Complementary Medicine

Congruent with the principles of complementary medicine it is certain, that a healthy organism is capable to adapt itself to changed conditions. The body´s system intervenes in a regulating way and restores the normal endogenous body functions, counter-balancing the disturbing influences.
Whenever there exist social, familial or psychological problems or environmental pollutants, high noise level, alcohol or nicotine put a strain on to the body, then the body´s capacity for leveling out abnormal conditions is overstretched. Then various ailments arise that cannot be identified by applying conventional diagnostic methods, such ultrasonic, ECG, and radiograph. That happens as the physiological values have not yet changed. Nevertheless the body reacts with pain signals and/or the subjective well being is more or less impaired.
In such a case one speaks of a troubled health condition with diffuse ailments, that can hardly be cured with the methods of orthodox Western medicine such as drugs or technical equipment. However, if those ailments are not treated properly, they will develop into organic disorders. This process may go on for several years until the disorders becomes manifest. The obvious disorders, however, can easily be diagnosed by orthodox medicine, whereas the Chinese medicine has difficulties with healing organic diseases or simply to bring about an improved condition. But Chinese medicine can complement and support the orthodox Western medicine. This is a way not only to save drugs, but also to lower costs and to reduce considerably the risk of side effects. .

Ear Acupuncture (auriculotherapy)

The Auriculotherapy has probably been developed and also applied for the first time  in Europe. It differs widely from the body acupuncture. Similar to the foot reflex zones, the human auricle represents a map-like projection of the human organism.
In this somatotopic arrangement to each organ and each spot in the body there is allotted a specific point in the auricle. In the center of the auricle are the points for the intestine, at the borders are those for the arms and legs and shoulders. From all the points in the auricle radiate fine nerve tracts directly into the brain. When those points are stimulated by acupuncture needles, the effects are transferred via brain into the whole body. Due to the short reflex track to the brain, this method is regarded as highly efficient, and that for many complaints, above all functional disturbances and inflammations, but also ideal for treatment of addiction, i.e. smoking cessation. Special success has been achieved in treating disorders of the vertebra, of joints and in cases of sciatica. There often  - within seconds - freedom from pain is accomplished.
This therapy offers most stunning possibilities for clinical diagnostics: the doctor can namely ascertain in the auricle, where in the body which organs are energetically disordered.
At those corresponding points in the skin there exists a lower electric resistivity. If those points are tested with an electric probe, a well-defined and very precise diagnosis is the result.
This represents an ideal addition to the orthodox Western medicine.

Consolidated Findings

On principle the diagnosis made in orthodox medicine differs from the one gained in Chinese medicine. While the Western medicine is looking for organic changes, the eastern medicine is guided by the search for functional disorders. A symptom of a disease is, seen from this angle, nothing but a temporary energetic imbalance of the body.
Private insurance companies and public funds subsidize acupuncture treatment. This proves the significance that this method was able to gain in the medical field.
A growing number of doctors apply acupuncture and utilize the aspects of the traditional Chinese medicine in their daily routine.
The strong point of Chinese medicine lies undoubtedly in the fact, that functional disorders can be identified very timely and also rectified still before damages develop.
Acupuncture becomes the ideal prevention method for people, who want to do something before they have to cure the symptoms under the rules of the health insurance companies.

Acupuncture is indicated for:

  • all states of pain  
  • diffuse ailments  
  • problems of the vertebra, sciatica and lumbago  
  • many chronic disorders  
  • inflammations of the bronchi and sinuses  
  • allergies and skin irritations


More time for the patient

Mehr Zeit für Sie - Dr. Riedel
A thorough diagnosis and also a diligent holistic therapy take their time. Therefore we allotted special therapeutic hours for specific examinations and for naturopathic therapies, which we offer as “body tailored” health services to you.


House calls

Hausbesuche beim Patienten
If required by the circumstances, there is no doubt that we make house calls. But, please, notice that all examinations can be performed a lot simpler and faster at my office.
We are happy to make house calls on demand in the areas around Zurich as listed below: Oerlikon - Wiedikon - Flughafen - Hauptbahnhof - Kreis 5 - Seebach - Affoltern - Höngg - Stauffacher ...                         -->

Prompt Aid in Emergency Cases

Schnelle Hilfe im Notfall - Dr. Riedel
To save you long waiting hours when in acute medical condition, we keep daily hours on hold for patients in pain and for emergencies.


Some points can be solved over the telephone

Telefonische Beratung - Dr. Riedel
For delivering diagnostic findings and short counselings, we have established a special telephone hour. Please, give us a call and get a date over the phone. 


Useful Information about our Therapy Concept

Behandlungskonzept - Dr Riedel
We, as your health coach, do not only want to assist you in getting healthier, but also in maintaining your health, as well as retaining your youth. Therefore prevention and health counseling are important key aspects of our efforts.


Your health advantage - Our optional services

Gesundheitsvorteile und Wahlleistungen
Most of the diagnostics methods and therapies - offered in our office - are paid for by your individual health insurance. Our naturopathic therapeutic offers and the individual health services offered serve to improve your personal health level.