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SUNSHINE OFFICE - dr. ingrid b. riedel, md  - Zurich

SUNSHINE OFFICE - dr. ingrid b. riedel, md - Zurich

Your reliable partner for holistic and naturopathic medicine in Zurich.

WELL-BEING included

WELL-BEING included

Feel comfortably relaxed. Energetic healing restores your inner balance.

NATUROPATHY internalized

NATUROPATHY internalized

In harmony with nature - natural treatment methods gentle to your body.

FIRST-AID in Emergencies

FIRST-AID in Emergencies

Daily, we have free time reserved for emergencies and patients under acute pain.



A wide range of holistic therapies and modes of treatment are awaiting you.



Anti-Aging for Him and Her - Live longer - Age later

PAIN MANAGEMENT  - Acute and Chronic

PAIN MANAGEMENT - Acute and Chronic

Mitosan and Acupuncture - effective and gentle therapeutic methods against pain.

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"Burnout Syndrome"

We support you with our proven holistic therapies

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"Orthomolecular Medicine"

Supply your body with essential nutrients in sufficient quantity.

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Aging is delayed by our concept of anti-aging.

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therapies burnout syndrome

What is a burnout syndrome basically?

Among other things the burnout syndrome (also: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) is a job-related chronic exhaustion. The most common reasons are exaggerated individual expectations and frustration for not accomplishing too ambitious goals. Following the latest scientific findings also the condition of the immune system impaired by diverse external stress factors plays a critical role in this illness.

Ein BurnOut Syndrom (Chronique Fatique Syndrom) bezeichnet unter anderem auch eine berufsbezogene, chronische Erschöpfung.

More often than not vegetative symptoms appear at first, such as

    • insomnia
    • digestive disorders
    • headaches
    • diffuse psychosomatic complaints


at the same time there is often evidence of

    • a weakened immune system and/or
    • increased susceptibility to infections

psychological symptoms become obvious in

    • apathy
    • depression


also in reference to activities that formerly were joyfully carried out with a lot of interest. The disorders may include loss of sexual desire, diffuse fears, the breakdown of one´ s self-esteem, even a manifest depression. Any burnt out person experiences the world as uncontrollable and retreats from taking part in active life.  External help will hardly - or not at all - be accepted.


Since people are working in office jobs, it is no longer possible to work off the daily stress physically. To go for a walk more often, to ride a bicycle or to go dancing are good practices to get back into balance.

Mental balance

Systematic relaxation achieved through a short walk, or meditation or by listening to specific types of music, sustain body and soul in a healthy balance. also backpedaling in silence reduces the strain.

Successful training as a couple

A functioning partnership adds to the zest of life. Furthermore sensitive caressing is comforting and resets hyped-up body functions.

Checkup on atherosclerosis

Deposits in an artery (plaques) narrow the blood vessels und impede the blood and oxygen to flow. Insufficient oxygen in the brain cells may lead to deficient mental performance, insufficient oxygen in the heart to angina pectoris or coronary thrombosis.

Health food

Fast food produces too much acid in the stomach and in most cases is too low in vitamins and minerals. Take your time to eat healthy food.

Supplementary nutrition

Vitamins, trace elements, minerals, enzymes activate metabolism and strengthen the body´ s own defense system.

Sound sleep

Insufficient or poor sleep is detrimental to an optimistic mindset, and in addition to it the body gets sluggish and unmotivated.


Cleansing and detoxifying, natural weapon fighting overweight, stress, fatigue and allergies; good for flexible joints, smooth skin and firm connective tissue.

In control of osteoporosis

Go upright towards seniority. The skeleton determines the upright shape of the body. Be aware of the hazards to the bone structure and avoid them, have your bone density checked in time.

Substitution of hormones

With age the production of hormones declines. Consequently sleep disorders, depression, lack of concentration, irritations and osteoporosis are developed.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to assist you in every possible way.


More time for the patient

Mehr Zeit für Sie - Dr. Riedel
A thorough diagnosis and also a diligent holistic therapy take their time. Therefore we allotted special therapeutic hours for specific examinations and for naturopathic therapies, which we offer as “body tailored” health services to you.


House calls

Hausbesuche beim Patienten
If required by the circumstances, there is no doubt that we make house calls. But, please, notice that all examinations can be performed a lot simpler and faster at my office.
We are happy to make house calls on demand in the areas around Zurich as listed below: Oerlikon - Wiedikon - Flughafen - Hauptbahnhof - Kreis 5 - Seebach - Affoltern - Höngg - Stauffacher ...                         -->

Prompt Aid in Emergency Cases

Schnelle Hilfe im Notfall - Dr. Riedel
To save you long waiting hours when in acute medical condition, we keep daily hours on hold for patients in pain and for emergencies.


Some points can be solved over the telephone

Telefonische Beratung - Dr. Riedel
For delivering diagnostic findings and short counselings, we have established a special telephone hour. Please, give us a call and get a date over the phone. 


Useful Information about our Therapy Concept

Behandlungskonzept - Dr Riedel
We, as your health coach, do not only want to assist you in getting healthier, but also in maintaining your health, as well as retaining your youth. Therefore prevention and health counseling are important key aspects of our efforts.


Your health advantage - Our optional services

Gesundheitsvorteile und Wahlleistungen
Most of the diagnostics methods and therapies - offered in our office - are paid for by your individual health insurance. Our naturopathic therapeutic offers and the individual health services offered serve to improve your personal health level.