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SUNSHINE OFFICE - dr. ingrid b. riedel, md  - Zurich

SUNSHINE OFFICE - dr. ingrid b. riedel, md - Zurich

Your reliable partner for holistic and naturopathic medicine in Zurich.

WELL-BEING included

WELL-BEING included

Feel comfortably relaxed. Energetic healing restores your inner balance.

NATUROPATHY internalized

NATUROPATHY internalized

In harmony with nature - natural treatment methods gentle to your body.

FIRST-AID in Emergencies

FIRST-AID in Emergencies

Daily, we have free time reserved for emergencies and patients under acute pain.



A wide range of holistic therapies and modes of treatment are awaiting you.



Anti-Aging for Him and Her - Live longer - Age later

PAIN MANAGEMENT  - Acute and Chronic

PAIN MANAGEMENT - Acute and Chronic

Mitosan and Acupuncture - effective and gentle therapeutic methods against pain.

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"Naturopathic Cancer Ther."

Informations about proven holistic therapies.

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"Colon Hydrotherapy"

Strengthen your immune defense and detoxify your body by C.H.T.

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"Quit-Smoking Therapy"

You want to stop smoking? No problem with our multipoint method ...

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workshops couple therapy

Embrace your Life - Couple Counseling Therapy

The high art of daily love - how partnership is kept vivid and alive 


Successful Couple Training

  • the art of kissing
  • the art of loving
  • when you do not feel to be loved
  • to identify pain feelings
  • to create balance
  • to increase approval and appreciation
  • to create depth in relationship

Do not hesitate to ask us, we are happy to give you advice and help.


When is it advisable to go for a couple counseling?

An intimate relationship needs to be reviewed, when

  • one or both partners often bash each other
  • goals or plans for the future differ widely
  • one partner or both are rarely or never sexually satisfied
  • the partnership is lopsided, i.e. only one of the two constantly decides on finances, holidays, friendships, education of the kids, sexual activities and the other suffers from it
  • important desires of one partner are no longer mentioned and/or fulfilled
  • one partner - due to the kind of relation - develops psychosomatic ailments
  • one or both partners get the feeling of not being understood
  • there is no longer any trust between the two
  • one or both partners do not feel supported by the other one
  • one partner establishes a new relationship
  • disappointments and critique is no longer expressed
  • there are hardly any common areas of interest

Actually there are always several of the above listed points that apply. In the beginning it is mostly attempted (almost always by the woman) to simply talk to each other.  

Then very often there is a blockade from the other partner or a strong finger pointing goes on, both get truly “stuck”. In this phase no one is able to listen to the partner, or has empathy for the needs of the partner, the itemization of one´ s disappointments and to blame the other one for it are on the agenda.

How my therapy helps you

First of all, gridlocked patterns are dissolved. To this end I perform single sessions and sessions with both. Then, together with the couple, I try to spot the problematic areas and then to establish specific consolidated goals for the therapy.  

Often it may be useful to find out, whether both want to save the relationship or prefer to separate. The next step is to acquire a new behavior thru role-playing games. This training serves to observe oneself better, to listen again to the partner, to give feedback and to make constructive proposals which serve the relationship.

What are the effects on you:

  • to understand the life history and the behavior of the partner
  • to be conscious of one´ s own desires and to be able to express them
  • to perceive correctly the desires of the partner
  • to talk about the disappointments and existing fears
  • to recognize exaggerated expectations in the relationship
  • to clear out misunderstandings and prejudices

The basic postulate from my side is that truly both partners are ready for a change in behavior. Normally one part is more under psychological strain than the other. The part concerned should openly stick to this truth and confess that he/she is no longer willing to continue the relationship in this manner, and ask the other half of the partnership to accompany him/her to the couple counseling therapy.  

Should your partner not be willing to come with you (quite often the reason for it is the fear of being blamed), you may of course first come as a single into the therapy. After that we will propose that as a family member he/she needs to come along. In this session we will then address possible fears and mental reservations towards a counseling therapy.

Give your intimate relationship a new chance !


More time for the patient

Mehr Zeit für Sie - Dr. Riedel
A thorough diagnosis and also a diligent holistic therapy take their time. Therefore we allotted special therapeutic hours for specific examinations and for naturopathic therapies, which we offer as “body tailored” health services to you.


House calls

Hausbesuche beim Patienten
If required by the circumstances, there is no doubt that we make house calls. But, please, notice that all examinations can be performed a lot simpler and faster at my office.
We are happy to make house calls on demand in the areas around Zurich as listed below: Oerlikon - Wiedikon - Flughafen - Hauptbahnhof - Kreis 5 - Seebach - Affoltern - Höngg - Stauffacher ...                         -->

Prompt Aid in Emergency Cases

Schnelle Hilfe im Notfall - Dr. Riedel
To save you long waiting hours when in acute medical condition, we keep daily hours on hold for patients in pain and for emergencies.


Some points can be solved over the telephone

Telefonische Beratung - Dr. Riedel
For delivering diagnostic findings and short counselings, we have established a special telephone hour. Please, give us a call and get a date over the phone. 


Useful Information about our Therapy Concept

Behandlungskonzept - Dr Riedel
We, as your health coach, do not only want to assist you in getting healthier, but also in maintaining your health, as well as retaining your youth. Therefore prevention and health counseling are important key aspects of our efforts.


Your health advantage - Our optional services

Gesundheitsvorteile und Wahlleistungen
Most of the diagnostics methods and therapies - offered in our office - are paid for by your individual health insurance. Our naturopathic therapeutic offers and the individual health services offered serve to improve your personal health level.