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orthomolecular diabetes mellitus

Diabetes (mellitus) and Antioxidants (Coenzyme Q10)

Diabetes is the name of a chronic metabolic disorder that causes that the body cannot process the carbohydrates present in foodstuff (sugar and starch), because the pancreas does not produce the hormone insulin in sufficient quantity. As a consequence blood and tissue are enriched with sugar, and in various parts of the body symptoms of diseases will appear.

A distinction is drawn between a primary and a secondary diabetes mellitus. The first one is caused by congenital disposition and occurs in two variations: as a juvenile and an adult onset diabetes. The secondary form of diabetes, being a symptom of a super-ordinate illness, manifests itself as dysfunctions of pancreas, thyroid hyper-function,  acromegaly or Morbus Cushing. The reason for it can also be caused by taking certain drugs, including contraceptives ("the pill"), glucocorticoids (cortisone) and thiazides (diuretics, namely drugs that have a draining effect).


A multitude of complications and long-term sequelae can result from Diabetes mellitus. Among the body parts affected are:

Blood vessels: Small vessels can become clogged, as their walls can congeal or slacken, and form tiny bulges which sometimes burst open. These damages of the smallest blood vessels may occur in the eyes, the legs, the nerves, the heart and the kidneys.

Eyes: Cataract is quite common among diabetics. Even a retinal bleeding impairing vision, may occur.

Legs: The arteries can calcify prematurely or beyond average (atherosclerosis). Due to this already walking can cause pain; algor, abscesses and in rare cases gangrene can develop.

Nerves: A numb and dead feeling in feet and hands may arise, if the perceiving nerves are affected. If motor nerves are hit, neuritis of the limbs can be the consequence.

Heart: A thickening of the arterial walls of the heart may entail Angina pectoris, heart attacks, shortness of breath, and later on a swelling of the legs.

Kidneys: A calcification of the small vessels and other changes may harm the kidneys. In many cases kidney failure occurs.

Diabetes is a disease in correlation with the existence of Free Radicals. A hyperglycaemia induces an increased formation radicals, what leads to an elevated of peroxidation of lipoproteins, amino acids, and proteins. Ketoamines are easily oxidated by oxygen.  In this process additional superoxide radicals are generated.

With regard to insulin release the following is valid: insulin release induced by glycose depends from the intercellular redox state of the islet cell thiol (organic sulfur compound). Therefore stress caused by oxidation impedes insulin secretion. An existing chronic stress deteriorates the diabetic metabolism. The B-cells of the pancreas are easily vulnerable by Free Radicals, as they possess a low capacity to destroy oxidants.


Each attack performed by autoimmunised T-lymphocytes augments the already elevated oxidative stress
in the Diabetes mellitus condition.


Oxidative stress favors the development of long-term sequelae due to diabetes. The negative side effects of glycosylation seize the especially long living extra cellular proteins  of the mesenchyme, such as crystallin, collagen, elastin, laminin, myelin sheaths, LDL-particles and possibly also  Lp(a)-formation. In addition Maillard products, not capable of being metabolized, are deposited in the connective tissue.

The consequences of those processes in our body are mutations of the collagen synthesis and the collagen turnover, of the morphology and the function followed by a consecutive thickening of basal membranes, also by disorders in the permeability of vessels, in the motility of the joints and in wound healing.

Premature joint degeneration, atherosclerosis, decreasing vitality, cataracts (glycosylated proteins of the lenses aggregate due to oxidants of the SH-groups), retinopathy, nephropathy and neuropathy, and a “too fast aging” of diabetic persons are preprogrammed. Oxidative stress plays a significant role in this.

The question, whether antioxidants (such as the Co Q 10) are capable to lower the oxidative stress of a diabetic, has been dealt with in an extensive study of Dr. Wolfgang Kähler, Prof.Dr. Bodo Kuklinski, Dr. Christof Rühlmann and Dr.Christa Plötz, published in the magazine "Innere Medizin", 48/1992, 5.223-232.


A few, very important and interesting findings, taken from this elaborate study, are cited here:

„Extrapolations of the latest data result in the assessment of 4,82% diabetic persons in Germany, what equals about 3,6 million persons affected. Life expectancy of a diabetic is reduced by roughly 30%. The risk to go blind are 25 times higher than average, to suffer from kidney failure or leg amputation 20 times higher, and for disorders of a cardiac  and cerebrovascular kind two to seven times higher. Diabetic pregnant women possess a 2 to 3 times higher risk to suffer from malformations or stillbirths. In animal experiments the protective effects of radical scavengers could be proved with regard to embryonic damages.

The great social and economic importance of Diabetes mellitus becomes not only manifest in the large number of people affected. It is known that the demands on diagnostics, therapy, care, and nursing grow inline with increasing duration of disease. It seems to be possible that by measuring of the oxidative stress and early applied supplementation of antioxidants the start of diabetic late sequelae could at least been delayed and/or its serious level lowered.”

„The study presented has performed a very cogent argumentation."

The study had to provide answers to the following questions:

Will antioxidants reduce the oxidative stress when Diabetes mellitus is indicated?
Is the stress reduction in line with the improvement of clinical and paraclinical results?
Are the effects of different radical scavengers also different?
From the results can there be deduced new recommendations for a more complex diagnosis and also therapy?

„The study included 80 patients with Diabetes mellitus. The diabetes types involved were of type I and II, and as a minimum two cases with indicated long-term sequelae (retinopathy, neuropathy, nephropathy). There were 20 patients, insulin-dependent (average age 47,2 ±13 years) and 60 patients, insulin-independent (average age 62±18 years). The duration of the disease had been in all cases 15±6,7 years. The gender distribution male to female had been 36 to 64%. The exclusion criteria had been: no administration of antioxidants in the last three months, lacking compliance, obvious abuse of drugs and alcohol, pregnancy and lactation, administration of beta-blockers, inhibitors, loop diuretics or pharmaceuticals influencing the vegetative system.“

„After 12 weeks of therapy in all antioxidant groups the parameters of the legs improved significantly compared to the baseline values....On over 70% of the measuring points an improved vibration sensibility was registered….The temperature sensitivity at the four measuring points on the lower legs manifested improvements due to the antioxidant therapy…. Were the 160 measurement data per group of patients equated with a 100%, the improvement percentage in all antioxidant groups was considerably higher than in the control group.

The Achilles and the Patellar jerk reflex showed higher improvement rates and lower deterioration rates in the group receiving antioxidant supplementation than in the control group. But the differences were not significant.

Changes in retinopathy were observed at 7 patients in the control group, and at 8 patients in each therapeutic group. In the control group consistency or deterioration of the ocular fundus outweighed the results.“ (comp. also table XV. attachment)

The changed concentration of the malondialdehyd (MDA) became also obvious. „In contrast to the control groups the serum levels of the therapeutic groups fell very distinctly compared to the baseline values. After three months they also differed highly from the control group.

In all three therapeutic group the proteinuria (discharge of protein in the urine) decreased very much……the renal loss of albumin was reduced under the supplementation of antioxidants….In the control group only half of the patients had a reduced albuminuria.“

Furthermore the team of doctors underlined: „In the present study the correlation of Diabetes mellitus with increased rates of peroxidation was confirmed..“

„The rapid improvement of the distal symmetric polyneuropathy (serious cases with nightly resting pain were not found in the patients groups) underlines the necessity to introduce as early as possible an antioxidant supplementation with diabetic patients, and not to wait until unbearable resting pain develops. The development of a diabetic foot could thereby be delayed, if not avoided.“

„The simple therapeutic principle, that antioxidants PLA2 and the arachidonic  acid cascade have inhibiting effects, explains the good results of neuropathy. It is reversible as lon as there are only functional disorders….the large scale of microangiopathy....showed a trend towards stopping the progression at the eyes affected.“


In the final chapter of their study the scientists drew the following conclusions:

  • Euglycaemic metabolism is still the prime criteria in the therapeutic treatment of Diabetes mellitus.
  • Recurrent or chronic hyperglycaemias reinforce inevitably the oxidative stress of Diabetes mellitus.
  • Oxidative stress represents a risk factor in Diabetes mellitus. 
  • To a more complex assessment of the risk constellation of a diabetic person belongs the determination of the level of peroxidation.
  • Elevated parameters of peroxidation demand a supporting administration of antioxidants as permanent therapy, independently from the fact that there are long-term diabetic spegulae  or not.
  • The indicated long-term application of radical scavengers could lead to an enormous cost reduction in treating Diabetes mellitus.
  • By the medical services of the health insurances (MDK) a change in opinion is required with regard to the refund possibilities.


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