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SUNSHINE OFFICE - dr. ingrid b. riedel, md  - Zurich

SUNSHINE OFFICE - dr. ingrid b. riedel, md - Zurich

Your reliable partner for holistic and naturopathic medicine in Zurich.

WELL-BEING included

WELL-BEING included

Feel comfortably relaxed. Energetic healing restores your inner balance.

NATUROPATHY internalized

NATUROPATHY internalized

In harmony with nature - natural treatment methods gentle to your body.

FIRST-AID in Emergencies

FIRST-AID in Emergencies

Daily, we have free time reserved for emergencies and patients under acute pain.



A wide range of holistic therapies and modes of treatment are awaiting you.



Anti-Aging for Him and Her - Live longer - Age later

PAIN MANAGEMENT  - Acute and Chronic

PAIN MANAGEMENT - Acute and Chronic

Mitosan and Acupuncture - effective and gentle therapeutic methods against pain.

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"Naturopathic Cancer Ther."

Informations about proven holistic therapies.

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"Colon Hydrotherapy"

Strengthen your immune defense and detoxify your body by C.H.T.

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"Quit-Smoking Therapy"

You want to stop smoking? No problem with our multipoint method ...

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orthomolecular immune system - HIV

What you need to know about your immune system

Regardless which virus is around the corner, a so-called virus, a seasonal virus, or the TBE (Tick-borne-encephalitis) virus, you do need a bio-defense army. Without a functioning sound immune system you will lose the battle for health.

Let us have a look at the immune system:

The immune (from the latin word immunis = free, pure) system is the biological defense system that prevents that tissue is damaged by pathogenic germs.  It eliminates bacteria, viruses and fungi, parasites, and other foreign substances from the body, and is capable to destroy the body´ s own degenerated cells (cancerous cells). The immune system is a complex network composed of parts of various organs, cell types and molecules.

Congenital immune defense: It developed at a very early stage of evolution of man and has been kept up almost unchanged. In addition to it each person develops a flexible (adaptive) immune defense pinpointed against the specific pathogenic germs what protects the individual even better as it is more focused.

It is assumed that approx. 90 percent of all infections can be recognized and successfully attacked by the congenital immune defense system.


Wissenswertes zum Immunsystem - Wie funktioniert unser Immunsystem?


The components of the immune system are: 

  1. mechanical barriers, such as the nasal mucosa, that prevent the invasion of  pathogenic agents.
  2. Cells, such as granulocytes, natural killer cells (NK-cells) or T-Lymphocytes. Partly they are combined in specialized organs ( lymphatic system).  
  3. Proteins, which serve as transmitting agents or defense agents against pathogenic germs.
  4. Psychological factors of the immune system.
  5. Intestine – infection defense by existing bacteria (intestinal flora), the function of continuous removal of waste products  and the so-called GALT (Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissue) and antibacterial proteins.

A  macrophage incorporates an antigen in order to present it to a T-helper cell. After that it initiates the adaptive immune response.

Macrophages (giant phagocytes) are also part of the “patrol” of the immune system.  Macrophages emerge from monocytes (mono-nuclear white blood cells = mononuclear leukocytes), which leave the bloodstream.  Macrophages  are found in the tissue, where they identify and devour (or phagocytose = engulf and digest) the infiltrated agents. Whenever the agents cannot be completely destroyed by the macrophages, the macrophages will activate the adaptive immune defense. To accomplish this the absorbed parts of the germ are fragmented into individual peptides (epitope) and presented by a MHC-II-molecule on the cell surface. Thus the macrophage turns into a cell surface antigen.  

Only then the antigens can be identified by the T-helper cells, which now initiate an adaptive immune response, which finally will result in the destruction of the germ.

Furthermore the macrophages play an important role in attacking and eliminating hazardous substances and waste products (such as tar in the lungs from cigarette smoke). That is the reason why occasionally they are called “the garbage removal of the body”.

Natural killer cells 

NK-cells are the first to fight infections and cancer, as they are able to destroy infected cells without having contacted the pathogenic agents themselves. As soon as a cell is infected by viruses or becomes itself a cancerous cell, the recognition marker on the surface of a sound cell gets lost – the diseased cell is killed by killer cells.  

T-helper cells   

T-lymphocytes, also called T-cells, develop from the lymphoblasts  in the bone marrow  and migrate into the thymus  (therefore the T) gland where they mature. On their surface T-cells are equipped with a T-cell receptor (TCR), by which each T-cell can identify a specific antigen (key-lock-principle).

The T-helper cells coordinate the immune chain reaction: diseased cells prompt the T-helper cells to split up and to release the transmitting agents, which induce the infected or pathologically mutated cells to go dead (the so-called apoptose or programmed necrosis).


 A B-cell becomes a plasma cell after contacting an antigen that produces specific antibodies.

B-Lymphocytes, too, belong to the leukocytes (white blood cells). The denomination “B-cells” derivates from its place of origin, the Bursa Fabricii, with birds. In the case of mammals the B-cells arise, just as all the other defense cells, in the marrow. In contrast to the T-cells, they have the ability to recognize free antigens and to scavenge them by the following immune reaction. They develop an immune memory. 


Stärken Sie Ihr Immunsystem mit sanften Naturheilmitteln und mit einer ausgewogenen Ernährung

Humoral Components

The humoral (lat. word humor means liquid) components of the immune system designate various plasma proteins, which keep circulating in the blood or the lymph. Contrary to the defense cells they are not able to migrate actively to an infected spot in the body.  

What are the factors that damage the immune system?  

  1. Nicotine, with each drag of cigarette we take in the quantity of 10 ²³ free radicals into our pulmonary mucosa, what damages considerably our immune system.
  2. excessive consumption of alcohol, i.e. over 70g alcohol/week for men, over 30g alcohol/week for women
  3. excessive consumption of sugar (over 8g white sugar/per day)
  4. the aging of cells, from 40 years onwards the size and the activity of the thymus gland shrinks in such a degree, that illnesses occur more frequently.
  5. Malnutrition by fast food
  6. absorption of environmental pollutants
  7. exposure to ionic and terrestrial radiation (during long flights)
  8. continous stress
  9. reduced periods of sleep
  10. lack of physical exercise

How to strengthen the immune system and/or by doing what?

To the daily diet antioxidants from usual food, such as the vitamins C, E and carotenoids are added, such as likewise various minerals and amino acids. Also the body itself produces antioxidants as glutathione, Co-enzyme Q10 and uric acid.  Antioxidants easily yield an electron, whereby they render the free radicals harmless, and at the same time prevent chain reactions, as they are consumed in this action.   

An analysis of the feces gives information about the natural gut flora, discloses deficiencies and shows the over-all state of the intestinal immune system. The thymus gland can be supported in its activity by injections.

Laughing and a positive attitude towards life strengthens the immune system via the neuronal axis of the brain.

We are happy to give you further advice, if requested.



More time for the patient

Mehr Zeit für Sie - Dr. Riedel
A thorough diagnosis and also a diligent holistic therapy take their time. Therefore we allotted special therapeutic hours for specific examinations and for naturopathic therapies, which we offer as “body tailored” health services to you.


House calls

Hausbesuche beim Patienten
If required by the circumstances, there is no doubt that we make house calls. But, please, notice that all examinations can be performed a lot simpler and faster at my office.
We are happy to make house calls on demand in the areas around Zurich as listed below: Oerlikon - Wiedikon - Flughafen - Hauptbahnhof - Kreis 5 - Seebach - Affoltern - Höngg - Stauffacher ...                         -->

Prompt Aid in Emergency Cases

Schnelle Hilfe im Notfall - Dr. Riedel
To save you long waiting hours when in acute medical condition, we keep daily hours on hold for patients in pain and for emergencies.


Some points can be solved over the telephone

Telefonische Beratung - Dr. Riedel
For delivering diagnostic findings and short counselings, we have established a special telephone hour. Please, give us a call and get a date over the phone. 


Useful Information about our Therapy Concept

Behandlungskonzept - Dr Riedel
We, as your health coach, do not only want to assist you in getting healthier, but also in maintaining your health, as well as retaining your youth. Therefore prevention and health counseling are important key aspects of our efforts.


Your health advantage - Our optional services

Gesundheitsvorteile und Wahlleistungen
Most of the diagnostics methods and therapies - offered in our office - are paid for by your individual health insurance. Our naturopathic therapeutic offers and the individual health services offered serve to improve your personal health level.