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Tap water - the cause for chronic illnesses?

As a specialist for complementary medicine I have been wondering more and more, why many of the homeopathic health remedies do no longer act  as optimal as they used to a few years ago. The basic hints for my further reasoning I received in China being on educational tours. In China I learnt that there are 4 quality levels for the rating of water. According to the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), glacial run-off from the high mountains or rain water own the best quality. This water was termed the water of long life. The second best quality is assigned to spring water at the foot of the mountains. On the third position traditionally is stream water, ultimately then water from the pipes. Unfortunately rainwater and stream water in China are meanwhile as polluted as mains water. And how is it here?

Each patient is also a client of public utilities, who assumes that he/she is supplied with “healthy” water from the mains. The Bavarian Department for Health and Nutrition discovers under the headline Potable Water as follows:

The German Ordinance on Potable Water (Deutsche
Trinkwasserverordnung) does not stipulate from the public suppliers to provide salubrious or health beneficial water. According to §4 of the above mentioned ordinance potable water has only to be: free of pathogenic germs, potable and pure within the prescribed limiting values.

This statement set in contrast to the declarations of the federal public water utilities, then there is no need to worry about the quality of grocery no 1, the potable water, in Germany. Who is right actually?

Well, this statement of the water provider is neither quite correct nor wrong. The correctness of the declarations about the quality of the “elixir” gushing out of the pipes is subject to a multitude of varied parameters. It is a fact that regional aspects as to the source of the water supply, the environment of the pumping well, as well as the local conditions on the supply lines play an important role.

Let me first deal with the aspect of the chemical charging/loading of water.

Generally speaking on the topic potable water, one point can be noted: our water from the tap is by no means as harmless as the public suppliers want to make the customers believe. The Bavarian Ordinance for Health and Nutrition declares in a comment that it deems no potable water to be non-hazardous, since 95% of the population do not take “potable water” from the tap. In general it is stationary water, so to speak “stalemate water”, water that has been resting for 3-4 hours in the pipes to the house and those in the house.  Exactly in these hours the resting water begins to absorb heavy metals or other particles from the inner walls of the mains, or even gets loaded with germs. But exactly this accumulation of heavy metals together with  other possible residues from the pipe walls are proved to favor or even induce allergies.
How does it come to the discrepancy between potable water and the water in the pipes? In this the legislative authority and the DVGW together with the public water suppliers play a critical role. In § 4 of the German ordinance on potable water (Deutsche
Trinkwasserverordnung  = TwV) the quality is determined. Whereas in  § 8 of the TwV the place of the extraction is defined. In line with this regulation the place of extraction is the point where the consumer taps the water for his/her consumption, be it for cooking, drinking, showering or bathing.

As mentioned above the § 4 TwV defines that the water for human use has to be free of  pathogenic germs, potable and pure in compliance with the §§ 5-7 TwV. Relevant for the definition of “pure” are therefore the §§ 5-7 with their attachments. The substances listed in the attachments are permitted and may be present in potable water.  If the limits as regulated in the attachments are not trespassed, then the water is called “pure”. In plain language that means that how  “pure” has to be understood, is regulated by an ordinance not by nature. Right now there are 33 substances in the water which have to be examined and defined. The German Center for Water Research (Das Deutsche Wasserforschungszentrum), however, has proven the existence of 1400 -1700 substances in water.

Quite strange is the fact that in last 20 years the number of substances to be examined has been lowered from 68 to the mentioned 33, and this was directed although the WHO prescribes 200 hazardous substances to be examined.


The environmental research laboratory Halle/ Leipzig comments on this subject on the occasion of the world water day 2006 as follows: The knowledge about the effects of many thousands of old chemical residues is still alarmingly marginal.  Over a long period of time it was assumed that an extreme thinning of those substances renders them harmless. Meanwhile there is mounting evidence that already smallest amounts of such substances have impacts on the environment and possibly also on humans.

In the lake of Thun, one of the “purest” lakes in Switzerland, malformed genitals have been discovered on the whitefish there. And this occurs although all examined substances fall below the detection limits. This proves that there is no absolute guaranty for health or harmlessness of the potable water, even if the substances found by water analyses are below the detection limits.  

Right now there are no upper limits established for the residual traces of  medicaments, although independent laboratories and environment institutes were able to verify a flood of residual traces of medicaments in many municipal utilities for potable water. The largest percentage of those medical residues have been excreted as metabolic end products with the urine. The sewage plants, however, are not capable to filter them out. But even if the quantities of chemical residues, hormones and other substances, not listed in the TwV but contained in the water samples, are still below the detection limit, this would not mean that those substances cannot generally come with the mains water supply. This proves only – according to the LGL of Bavaria – that in the moment of water sampling nothing could be proved.

In comparison to the young girls of 40 years ago, our adolescent female generation at the age of 14 is physically more and earlier developed. This trend is easily recognized by far larger breasts and more female shaped hips.     

Another item to be considered are the minerals in potable water. Minerals are indispensable for the connective tissue and the formation of organs and cells. How must the minerals be structured to fulfill the needs of the human and animal organisms?
The Federal Research Institute for Nutrition and Food in Karlsruhe (Die Bundesforschungsanstalt für Ernährung und Lebensmittel) testifies that the minerals dissolved in water, are too coarse, too small in quantities and not optimally bioavailable, i.e. not exploitable for the human organism.

A satisfactory mineralization of the organism is not to be achieved by drinking mineral or tap water.

According to Prof. Franz Daschner exactly a counter effect is provoked in the body by those inorganic calcareous substances, they result in organic stress and slagging of the arteries (hardening of the arteries). This insight had not been presented in 1994 for the first time by the Federal Health Department. Already in the sixties of the last century Prof. L.C. Vincent has scientifically proved it.

In certain regions hardly any heart attacks and strokes occurred. In those regions the potable water was very poor in minerals. Remarkable was that also other metabolic disorders occurred less often in areas low in minerals in contrast to areas with water rich in minerals.

From a certain saturation point of the potable water with inorganic minerals no osmotic diffusion gradient between a cell and the tissue fluid in the cell interstices can accrue. All metabolic end products and foreign substances, such as dyestuffs, flavor enhancers, etc. can no longer be optimally removed from the body. In line with the research studies of Prof. Vincent the saturation point is reached at 130µS (Micro-Siemens).

More frightening is the fact of the increment of the conductance in the TwV (potable water ordinance), that is the freighting with solids of the potable water measured by current flow. This value has been raised in the last 17 years from 1000µS to 2500µS. In view of this elevated detection limit, performed as part of the reunification process, the local conductance values appear to be harmless. They range from 400 to 900µS in most cases. This fact tempts the local providers to downright euphoric descriptions of the water qualities offered. As mentioned before, according to Prof. Vincent, a good potable water should not exceed the limit of 130µS, an optimal water stay well below 80µS.
Die TwV dictates to the provider only that he has to make sure that the supplied water is fit for human consumption. Qualities like inoffensive, non-hazardous or healthy, do nowhere appear in the regulations about potable water and food law.

The official stamp “fit for human consumption” is not sufficient for people with neurodermatitis and immune deficiency who need to get rid of the metabolic wastes. The only solution for immunocompromised patients is to protect him/herself by an optimal treatment of the water he/she uses to consume.
Das Bavarian Department for Health and Food (LGL Bayern) declares in this context that people with immune deficiencies have to consume purified water to be protected from permanent health disorders. Purified water means water with the conductance of 20 to 30µS and free of further residues.

This value can be effectively reached by applying reverse osmosis. The process of reverse osmosis can also remove other substances besides potentially allergenic material, namely viruses, bacteria and medical residues most likely also contained in potable water.

I also use almost exclusively water purified by a reverse osmosis equipment. Another very pleasant side effect is the fact that this water completely calcium free and tastes different and a lot better than the water straight from the tap. A sufficient mineralization can only be accomplished by living on a balanced and diversified diet that includes fruits, vegetables, salads, fish, meat and dairy products.

Learnt from 27 years of experience as a general and naturopathic practitioner, neurodermatitis is a cry for help of the body. Neurodermatitis patients have a limited capacity for detoxification of their kidneys, liver and intestine, their main detoxifying organs. As an ancillary organ the skin takes over the function of detoxifying. Because of that it is of crucial import to feed the body only with water unpolluted and kidney-friendly and also with uncontaminated food.

For cell cleansing and the cleansing of the interstices it is vital to supply the body with sufficient water. A neurodermatitis patient needs for proper detoxification about o,5 liter per 10 kg body weight of purified water. This quantity has to be consumed in balanced quantities distributed over the day at body temperature. The quantity of 2,5 liter thereof cover the daily loss of liquid, and the rest quantity serves to remove the substances, which trigger the neurodermatitis, from the organism. This type of purified water can be compared to an empty truck which can deploy its full load capacity for transport.

Those excellent qualities of purified water, also low in minerals, that alleviates the organism, I can confirm for a large number of diseases, not limited to neurodermatitis!

Especially homeopathic medication can develop its effects very well, when taken in with osmosis water. „Drinking water causes miracles“, especially in connection with water purified by osmosis, I can wholeheartedly underwrite this book title from Dr. F. Batmanghelidj.

If you want to get to know more about high quality equipment for reverse osmosis produced in line with the highest international quality standards, you will receive valuable and detailed advice from Mr. Schneider from Firm IGOWET, Augsburg, who is happy to provide you with more information. Using the following link Kontakt --> umkehrosmose-wasser.de you can leave him a message. He will contact you as soon as possible.

I am also happy to provide counseling to you on the topic purified water, reverse osmosis and the advantages for your personal health.


Dr. Ingrid B. Riedel, MD - Zurich

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